My son was diagnosed with mild autism and started ABA therapy with Proof Positive ABA Therapies when he was 23 months old. Our behavioral therapist was a bright light for us. She worked one on one with him for several hours everyday. After just a few weeks, he was more responsive and demonstrating more appropriate behaviors. She would include his twin brother in activities, which taught both boys turn taking and how to encourage each other. Even today I will hear one of them say to the other, “good job!” and “that was awesome!” The boys and I would walk with her to the park where they would work on social skills and safety concerns. Our therapist was always enthusiastic and made me feel hopeful for my son’s progress. She also shared with me techniques to deal with difficult behavior and recommended things that I could do to work with my son when she wasn’t present. Her step-by-step instruction and modeling were easy to follow and duplicate with Luke during the day. I really don’t have enough words to say what a profound effect ABA therapy with Proof Positive ABA Therapies had on my son. Today he is 4½ and currently in a special day preschool class with IBI therapy but is being assessed this month for mainstreaming into a typical preschool classroom. I honestly believe without early intervention and ABA therapy this would not be the case. I have several friends with children on the spectrum and recommend Proof Positive ABA Therapies to each and everyone. The therapists are consistent, joyful in their work and able to connect with children on a very special level.

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