My son is on the autism spectrum and over the course of the last 12 months we have worked with Proof Positive ABA Therapies. We have now been in two states, Texas and California, and have come across a lot of therapists and BCBAs; we have yet to meet someone who can match the talent, dedication and brightness of our current therapist at Proof Positive ABA Therapies. Not only is our behavioral therapist compassionate about what she does but her professionalism has always been par excellence. She has understood and digested the principles of ABA extremely well and was very much responsible for my son’s sucsess that year despite a lot of other factors that were against him. She helped us to realize our son’s potential and went a few extra miles to help change his program so that his progress started happening rapidly. My son was not able to open his mouth under instruction control before she started giving therapy to my son; by the time she left, he would say multiple words during her session and with us. This all could happen due to our hard working team of therapists and the way they worked systematically in getting verbal language out of my son. Working with children is their passion and we have not had a day or a session which was mediocre. After a session with our therapist, my son’s Mands would go up, his stimming would be amazingly reduced and it used to feel like she was bringing our son to the normal world. We are so excited to see what the future holds and have loved our experience with Proof Positive ABA. The therapists there show such passion and will continue to help many children and change many lives.

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