Our son was beginning to exhibit behavior consistent with that of Autism. He required a very quiet environment, showed tremendous ritualistic behavior, and would not even attempt to speak. He also was not friendly or warm to fellow family members. He would show little or no eye contact and would not listen. It was almost as if he physically could not hear you if you were speaking to him. At the urging of a friend we agreed to have a meeting with Proof Positive ABA Therapies. The behavioral therapist was warm and welcoming. The minute she entered our house our son took a curious approach to her and in the brief moments of their first encounter she had kept his attention and even motivated him to reciprocate attention back to her.

Our therapist began 1 on 1 direct ABA therapy with our son almost immediately after our initial meeting. Initially our behavioral therapist came to the house 3 times a week for 3-4 hours a session. Soon after, the sessions increased to 4 times a week, and then as schedules permitted she was coming 5 days a week. Our therapist has literally held our hand as we have walked the steps of being parents of a special needs child. Through the whole process of having our child actually diagnosed with moderate autism, to dealing with the school district and Regional Center OC , Proof Positive ABA Therapies has been there to help us expedite procedures and also to counsel us in potential pitfalls or delays as to dealing with both organizations. During all of this our therapist has always maintained a very professional, aggressive, and carefully executed treatment plan for our son which has yielded wonderful results. Our son will turn 4 this December and is talking, expressing emotion, using the bathroom by himself, sleeping in his own bed, feeding himself, and can somewhat pretend play. One of the key breakthroughs our team of therapists has made is the fact that we can now take our son places, when before we could not even get him into a car. Our son can recite the alphabet, knows basic colors, shapes and animals, and can count to 30 without any prompting. Our son attends preschool with normal peers without being shadowed or monitored. Proof Positive ABA Therapies has facilitated this and simply been amazing. We are so fortunate to have been referred to this company. Our therapist was literally an angel and we can’t say enough amazing things about her. We are not religious people in the traditional sense of the word but we truly feel blessed to have such an amazing team of therapists. They have changed our son’s life forever.

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