My son started ABA with Proof Positive ABA Therapies at around age 3, and now he is 5. He has improved tremendously in the last 2 years. His academic level is above all of the other kids and he is even reading!!! His language has greatly improved. His social skills with kids his own age have become closer to age appropriate. His involvement with family and friends has increased. He recognizes and interacts with family members even when he doesn’t see them on a daily basis. His play skills have improved. His behavior has improved dramatically. He is able to recognize, interpret, and respond to different situations. He is able to express love and kindness. We are slowly beginning to fade out, since my son has been doing so well. We are sad to end services with them but excited for my son to be mainstreamed in a typical classroom. We are so excited to see what the future has to bring for my son. I would recommend them to anyone!!!

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