I am tearing up while I write this, because Proof Positive (with it’s early intervention which is so key) has no less than changed the trajectory of my son and family’s life. And that is not an overstatement.

My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 4 years old. It was a hard diagnosis for a mother to take, but at least it explained the behaviors – he wasn’t connecting with his peers, had problems with following directions, having conversations, tantrums, and running off in public. I really didn’t know how to effectively parent my super smart quirky son who responds to things differently than other “normal” kids. Then we began therapy with Proof Positive last July. Our case manager Roza is readily available to answer any questions, or meet for parent consultations and performs her job with expertise and kindness. And my son immediately clicked with his therapist Meggan, who is not only caring, but extremely knowledgeable. They are awesome and my son (and his sister) love when they come to the house.

ABA therapy is intensive – we have done it 11 hours a week for the past several months, but it is so worth it. And we have seen significant changes. Proof Positive sets goals and timelines and they collect data after every session to track progress. With their help, I am learning how to better connect to my son, and he is learning the proper social skills he needs. I am not saying that this is easy (it isn’t), but I know it is worth it, and early intervention is the key. I am excited for the future and seeing my son blossom in the coming years. ABA does work, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Proof Positive to anyone with a child on the spectrum.

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