Proof Positive ABA Therapies employs the most recent Applied Behavior Analysis findings to develop specific programs that address the needs of your specific child. We work with you to help you implement behavior programs and teach positive behavioral support, as well as providing ongoing assistance to both you and your child’s siblings and other family members. We take pride in having a qualified staff of thoroughly trained and highly educated Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Ph.D. personnel that have an in-depth history of ABA experience. All of the programs offered by Proof Positive are based on scientifically proven methods that are crucial for developing social skills and language. These programs are designed to change and evolve as the child grows. We focus on helping both the child and parents. Proof Positive ABA Therapies is dedicated to teaching parents proactive and reactive teaching strategies that can be helpful while working with children on the entire Autism/behavioral spectrum. Our goal is to teach parents ABA therapy and allow them to understand and implement the ABA teaching strategies.