Proof Positive is partnered with Heads Up Checkup, a company that has developed a screening tool for Autism and other disorders.  Heads Up Checkup is an internet-based comprehensive diagnostic screening tool for most commonly diagnosed childhood/adolescent behavioral health disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This screening tool was created to avoid the long wait for undiagnosed children to be seen by a diagnostician.

How it Works:

  • Self-administered
  • Takes 5-10 minutes to complete and is free
  • Uses ICD-10-CM criteria-based diagnostic algorithms for the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses
  • Results are available immediately and sent to Heads Up Checkup
  • If the initial screen result is positive, Heads Up Checkup will then facilitate quickly directing families to a diagnostician for a full diagnostic assessment
  • Meets HIPAA security requirements
  • Currently available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese language versions in development

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