Our parent education programs are designed to help parents understand and partake in their child’s intervention plan. It is designed to help parents not only understand but teach the basic principles of ABA. Just as importantly, it is designed to train and help the grandparents, siblings, nannies and babysitters that are involved in the daily life of your child. Follow-through is a key aspect of your child’s program and everyone involved needs to be dedicated to it for maximum success.

Just as a responsible parent would never allow their child to be supervised by a untrained lifeguard who wasn’t qualified in CPR, everyone in your child’s life needs to be trained in ABA therapy. The techniques we teach at Proof Positive are crucial learning tools needed while working with children with Autism. By teaching not only the parents but the surrounding friends, family and caretakers the principles of ABA and autism support, our program ultimately helps the child’s entire support group have a better understanding of the child they are living and working with to have a more productive and manageable life by utilizing both proactive and reactive teaching strategies. In doing this together we can reach our committed and common goal of your child’s success. We offer numerous workshops on topics such as Behavior Modifications, Behavior Interventions, Play and Social Skills, Self-Management, Behavior Extinction, Communication Skills, Academic Skills, Gross and Fine Motor Skills and more. The schedule for these workshops is located in the calendar section of this website.

We offer private workshops for 5 or more people with nightly interactive classes that can help parents understand how to increase appropriate behaviors while decreasing inappropriate behaviors.